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Trusting the process

Art therapy places as much (if not more) importance on the creative process as the product. The act of creating in itself is therapeutic. Unlike an art class, as art therapists we are not preoccupied with the beauty or technical qualities of a piece. We offer an invitation to slow down and be with what is.

🖍️ How do certain media make you feel?

🖍️ Do you notice a difference between drawing vs painting vs sculpting?

🖍️ How does it help you express your inner world?

🖍️ Do you notice a difference between when you started and finished creating?

🖍️ What do you notice in your body?

Once the art is created, the client has an option to take a step back and reflect on the meaning of the piece. Afterwards, they will decide what to do with it: will we frame it, transform it, destroy it, gift it, store it away,etc. It's all part of the process. Getting intentional with what we do in the studio often has a rippling effect in my client's lives. What they practice in the studio transpires with how they engage in their daily activities.

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