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Hello 2024!

It's the start of a New Year and the internet is flooded with "new year new you", challenges, reflection questionnaires, podcasts and trends. It might be tempting to reinvent ourselves, but realistically it's the small changes we make in our daily lives that truly matter.

To help you with your goals this year, I've designed a PDF just for you!

Hello 2024
Download PDF • 62.91MB

It's based on a personal practice I've had for years and a workshop I gave at the start of 2023.

Although I do not believe in having to change ourselves with the start of the New Year, I think goals are important. It's the science behind goal setting and human motivation is what got me interested in psychology in the first place. At the start of therapy, goals are one of the first thing we discuss and agree on. They give us a sense of direction and help us establish the road map towards the change we want to see in our lives.

Some of my goals this year is to create a weekly blog and monthly newsletter about mental wellness and creativity. As an art therapist, I am passionate about how art can positively impact the way we see ourselves and the world we live in. Throughout the past year, I've gotten many request from participants and instagram followers as to getting more information and examples about art therapy. Starting a blog, is a perfect way to get that kind of content to you. It will allow me to share more than on social media and link research from various sources.

If you want to sign up to my newsletter, click on the link bellow:

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