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Healing is not a linear process

In the therapeutic process, sometimes we may feel stuck. Nothing seems to be happening, we get impatient as we want things to shift. Even in the period that appears quiet, growth is happening.

Change is the only constant in our lives.

The therapeutic process invites us to pause and integrate. In therapy, we may spend time looking at the parts of ourselves that have been put aside. We may spend time detangling the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and how we experience the world. We may come back to the body as a guide, grounding us in the present moment. We may separate the feelings, the thoughts, the assumptions, the fears, to see things under a new light before integrating it all back together; refreshed, clear headed and open hearted.

All of the parts belong, if we care to listen.

There may come a time in our lives when we need to make bold choices and another when we may need to show ourselves the grace of time. We may have an idea of what our healing process “should” look like and how fast it should be; but in reality it might look and feel a completely different. Nonetheless, we might surprise ourselves with how resilient we have become and in all the new beautiful ways we have grown.

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